work in progress | project life | week 5

week 5 | project life | work in progress

working on my project life on a Friday night instead of my usual Sunday because I will be busy over the weekend with all the spring cleanings, last minute shopping, errands running and baking due to upcoming Chinese New Year which is coming soon on the 10th Feb, which also happens to be Miss K’s 4th birthday and she specially requested that I bake cupcakes for her instead of buying her a cake.

What are you doing on a Friday night ?

i will be back over the weekend (hopefully) to update the blog with PL Week 4 and Week 5. meanwhile, have a great day and thanks for dropping by. ^^

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Project Life 2013 | Week 3

I know I haven’t been posting anything lately and am kinda late in posting up my week 3 of project life 2013. Was busy spring cleaning the house as Chinese New Year (which falls on the 10th Feb) is coming soon, and there are still a long list of stuffs which I have yet to get done with.

I am glad that I have already done up my weekly title card for my PL, my instagram to keep track my photos on the days and the captions as simple reminders to remind me what happen on that day and also my trusty iphone which holds the photos and allowing me to send them via email which ables me to just have them transfer to Picasa (which I am using for minor editing and inserting texts on the photos). All these actually enables me to save up alot of time when I work on my project life mainly over the weekends or those nights where I am not too tired after the kids have gone to bed.

Anyway, without further delay, here is my week 3, which (again !!) have 2 spreads. Totally wasn’t expecting it to happen but HEY, i just go with the flow and not restricting myself.


Week 3 | Spread 1 | Left Side

Week 3 | Spread 1 | Left Side
All page dedicated to Kerris and her buddies on the 14th Jan.


Week 3 | Spread 1 | Right Side

Week 3 | Spread 1 | Right Side
15th – 17th Jan


Week 3 | Spread 1 | Full Spread

Week 3 | Spread 1 | Full Spread


Week 3 | Spread 2 | Left Side

Week 3 | Spread 2 | Left Side
Did a daily life via photos for the weekend.
18th – 19th Jan for this page


Week 3 | Spread 2 | Right Side

Week 3 | Spread 2 | Right Side
20th for this page and ending the week with my “This Week” card.


week 3 spread 2 full

Week 3 | Spread 2 | Full View


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my week 3. Now, off to finish up my week 4.



I guess I did it again

So … After thinking for quite some time … Keep seeing it all over the internet and on my Ig … Went on Amazon only to be reminded times and times again that it doesn’t offer international shipping …  I finally  stopped thinking and went down to get …


Credit : Image taken from

I was pretty glad that I made this choice. Actually, I was even happier that a fellow scrapper who turns into a close friend of mine decided that she don’t mind having half of this core kit when I asked her. *happy dance* Seriously, there are just too many pieces for each designs and I am not really the kind who wants to keep using the same thing over and over again, so I am glad that I have some one to share the kit with.

I was even happier that after having a blank moment or two while sorting out those cards and fillers (I was a little worried as I totally have no idea what I should do with them.) that I slowly start getting ideas after taking a card to use when I was working on my week 3 today.

week 3 | work in progress

On the other hand, I am working on my smash book mini past few days, planning on how I should do my front cover (this was something I have been putting aside).  This book will be mainly for random pictures, ideas and thoughts, more like how the smash book should be. May share what I did to the inside once I have gotten the front cover done in the upcoming post.

smash book mini

smash book – mini

**Hopefully Mr Mojo will stay this way and not hop on to a bus for vacation any time sooner.**


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project life 2013 | week 2

Time wasn’t on my side for week 2, was at work and my parents’ place half the time. I just kept things really … REALLY simple.

With experience from week 1, week 2 beginning to come together nicely with what I have in mind and not needing to spend too much time completing.

Supplies used : photo pocket design H (6″x12″) and design C from Becky Higgins, printable fillers from Pinterest, JB fiskars tab punch and AC Dear Lizzy chipboard.




week 2 – left side



week 2 – right side



week 2 – full spread




Project Life 2013 | Week 1

Instead of Sunday  to Monday, I have decided to use Monday to Sunday for my project life this year so that I dont break apart the weekend, and are able to fit a weekly note at the end of my spread, and of cause able to have a tiny bit more time to finish up the pages instead of just throwing everything together just because a new week is starting.

You will notice a common “technique” or “style” on my weekly spreads as time passes by, which is having my text beside or on my photo. It’s just my personal preference, which I feel it helps me to spend less time to this project, plus I am really not a big fan of my own handwriting.





02.01.2013 | Levion
Was her first day of school, and photos were taken first thing in the morning after she changed and gotten ready. Decided to use 2 of my favorite photos of her, change them to black and white and just do a repetition on these squares.


02.01.2013 | dedicated to Levion


week 1 spread

The full spread




03.01.2013 to 05.01.2013
each day was documented from top to bottom, with a “what happen today” note at the bottom of each column.



A “This Week” note card to mark the end of each week, and a reminder of what happen, some thoughts, ideas and/or feeling.



The full spread

The main supplies for this project will be Canon Photo Paper in matte, which I use to print all my photos and most of my fillers and white cardstocks. (will share more details regarding the materials I use or will be using in another post).

The other applications which I am using are actually the MS Words (since I do not have Photoshop in my macbook) and Picasa for photo editing.

Week 2 will be coming up shortly.


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Smash Book | Pink – Insta Photo

In my earlier post, I shared about taking (finally) out my smash book to start using it with the intention to use this book mainly for the photos taken on my Instagram, especially those for FMS Photo A Day Challenge. Bearing in mind, my theme for this year is to keep things simple while using as much materials as possible.

So, this is how the front of the album look like :

insta photo

using the die cut shapes from Kaiser Crafts – Save The Dates Collectables, pink alphas from American Crafts.



Here is how one of the pages inside looks like.


ps : I might be using the whole pack the die cut shapes for this book. Should I or should I not ?

Look out for my upcoming post where I will be sharing my PL Week 1 ^^


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FMS Photo A Day – Jan #07


“Street” is today FMS Photo A Day Challenge.

-SLOW- is word not only to remind the drivers to slow down their speed but also
it acts as a reminder for me to slow down my pace and
enjoy the surrounding.

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FMS Photo A Day – Jan #06


“Mine” is today’s FMS Photo A Day Challenge.

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FMS Photo A Day – Jan #05


“Movement” is today’s FMS Photo A Day Challenge.

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